CPUID Hardware Monitor: Utilize your computer’s sensors

Ever wonder how hot your computer is?  CPUID offers a free hardware monitor that allows you to see the data from various sensors that exist on your CPU core(s), GPU, etc.  This includes temperatures as well as voltages and fan speeds.  Why would you want to install this?  Well, aside from looking geeky cool, there can be a number of practical applications for the software and that’s going to differ for every user.  Here, I present to you two ways I utilize this tool:

1) Measure the efficiency of your cooling fan.

A good number of consumers buy cooling fans for their laptops.  They usually either don’t know or care about its performance.  Based on the data provided by the monitor, I can see that my cooler significantly decreases the temperatures of the CPU cores, GPU, and hard drive.

Temperatures without cooling fan:

temps without cooler

Temperatures with cooling fan:

temps with cooler

2)  See the state of your battery.

If you’ve ever purchased a laptop from Best Buy, Office Depot, or any other retailer, chances are you’ve probably been offered some type of store warranty.  A common area of coverage for premium warranties is the one-time battery replacement for when your battery cannot hold 50% of its charge.  This tool reveals the condition of your battery so you know when it’s time to take advantage of that warranty – if you chose to purchase it.

battery sensor

As you can see, the full charge capacity of my battery is less than 50% of its designed capacity.



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