AeroSnap for XP and Vista

I really find the aero snap feature in Windows 7 to be quite useful.  You know, the one where you can have two windows up at the same time each taking up half of your screen — yea, that one.  Whether most of you already knew of that feature or not, I want to let you know about this great application that’ll let you have that same functionality in Windows XP and Vista.

You guessed it, it’s called AeroSnap.  I use it mostly to compare items when shopping, refer to APIs when programming, or watch podcasts when I’m surfing the web.  It increases productivity for me and sure does beat alt-tabbing.  You can visit their site and download the installer by clicking on the banner.

Click here to view AeroSnap Website

After you install the application, your default settings are going to display a splash screen when you start the app and also display an icon in the tray area.

As you can see, it’s a very simple application.  Customization is made easy with just 5 buttons.  I hope you find this app as useful as I do.  Happy snapping!


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