A brief overview of gOS 3.1

Good OS (gOS) definitely achieves their motto, “Linux for the rest of us”.  It comes pre-installed with everything you need right on the desktop for easy access — web browser, office software, and an IM client among others.


>  The look and feel

>  Dock with commonly used apps

>  Wine 1.0 for running Windows applications

>  Sound card recognition, no configuration or command line needed

>  Flash support


>  Difficult to make simple modifications

  • unable to right-click on menu items to “Add to Launcher Panel” or “Add to Desktop”
  • unable to add applications to the dock

Anything that you may need that doesn’t come pre-installed, gOS will gladly fetch for you. In most cases, there will be a pop-up asking you if you would like to search for and install required packages. For example, here is gOS searching for codecs to play a podcast:

From a Windows-migrant standpoint, this is a good transition distro as some of the more confusing aspects of a traditional Linux desktop are left out.  The bottom panel has been replaced by an intuitive launcher and confusing menus have been consolidated.  Overall, gOS is a pretty user friendly Linux distro.


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