Review: Eye-Fi Share Video SD Card

For those of you tired of transferring photos via the cable or by inserting the SD card into your computer, this is the solution for you. Eye-Fi looks just like an SD card but, once you set it up, you’ll never have to remove it from your camera again. This process is analogous to buying a wireless adapter for a desktop PC. It presents a more elegant solution than purchasing a camera with wi-fi capability built-in because of modularity. Read on for my thoughts on the initial set-up.


  • Card reader included
  • Software update for Eye-Fi Center
  • Firmware update for Eye-Fi card
  • Ability to add up to 32 networks per card
  • Uploads fast


  • Software install (Adobe Air)
  • Additional program added to the registry

The set-up was straightforward and consisted of inserting the Eye-Fi into a computer, installing the required software, signing up for an account, adding the the card to a network,  and choosing a folder where the photos will be sent. According to the manual, the software is only compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems. I wasn’t too excited about the Adobe Air installation or the creation of an additional registry key for auto-start of the Eye-Fi software — but those are trade-offs. The software and firmware updates proves that the company is still striving to make improvements to their product, always a good thing. As soon as the set-up is complete, the software prompts you to take your first picture. After snapping a photo, the upload began a few seconds later and notification is in the form of a small preview at the bottom right corner of your desktop.

Update (09 October 2013):

This model has been discontinued.

For details about past and present Eye-Fi cards, go here.


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