Panning with the Canon S100

I found panning slightly more difficult to perform with the S100, but that’s probably because this was my first attempt. These photos were taken in shutter priority mode with the speed set to 1/8. Image stabilization (IS) was set to continuous which should’ve allowed for one of the camera’s special features — Panning IS — to assist with the shot.

Canon describes this innovation in its press release for the S100:

One of the most important innovations for a point-and-shoot camera has been Image Stabilization (IS) since it helps improve image quality by reducing camera blur for both images and videos. Canon has taken this technology one step further with the new Intelligent IS which automatically chooses from six different modes (Normal, Macro, Panning, Dynamic, Powered, Tripod) to optimize image stabilization and help achieve crisp, blur-free images for various shooting conditions.

Even with Panning IS you can see that the photos aren’t as sharp as the ones taken with the Nikon D5000. Maybe next time.


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