Callbacks Analogy

It can be helpful to make an analogy to something that might occur in everyday life to fully appreciate the value of a design based on callbacks. Imagine your boss has just assigned you a task. Assume that this task will take several hours to complete and that your boss wants to know the minute that you are finished. It would probably become very annoying if your boss called you on the phone every few minutes to ask if you had finished the task. It would be far more reasonable for you to make the following suggestion to your boss. ‘Don’t call me; I’ll call you when I’m finished.’ As long as you notify your boss the moment you’ve completed the task, your boss can react and take whatever actions are appropriate in a timely fashion. As you can imagine, the use of a callback in this particular scenario is going to be more efficient (and far less annoying) than having your boss poll you every few minutes to see if you’ve finished your work.

– Ted Pattison  (Basic Instincts, MSDN Magazine December 2002)