Film Rekindled: Highlights From My First Roll

I’ve been shooting digital for a year or so. Although I was aware of film, shooting with it didn’t really cross my mind until I found the forgotten gem that is my father’s Canon EOS Rebel X. It may not be the coolest or most expensive camera out there, but you know how I feel about using what you have.

Without mentioning the classic cliches to support why I chose to begin shooting with film and why I plan on continuing to do so, I’ll just say this. It’s quite a different process — taking a photo and not being able to see the result immediately is weird in today’s digital world. It’s challenging, and I like it. This is my first post in the series that’s simply titled ‘Film’. Here are the highlights from my first roll — Kodak BW400CN (it’s available in 24- and 36- exposure rolls).

In retrospect, the incorrect exposure of many of the photos may be due to my not setting the ISO on the camera to match that of the film. Black and white film is relatively difficult to begin with nonetheless. I made sure to match the ISO setting for my next roll which I’m currently working on. I decided to go with color this time. We’ll see how it turns out soon.

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2 thoughts on “Film Rekindled: Highlights From My First Roll

  1. Just what did you set your ISO (ASA) at? Chromogenic film like BW400CN has terrific latitude (somewhere between ASA100 and ASA1000), and most people don’t shoot it at box speed of 400 anyway. I’d be willing to bet that you’d get a lot more detail out of that particular roll if you have it custom-scanned (I assume it was done at some place like Walgreens, which can sometimes be *off* if things weren’t exposed just right). That said, it’s generally better to overexpose negative film rather than underexpose it (and easier to scan, too).


  2. I was totally unaware that I had to set ISO on the camera at all, and I forgot to note the value before I set it 400 for the second roll. I’ve read about not shooting at box speed, but this is the first time I’ve heard the term latitude. I’m looking forward to experimenting with that in the future and possibly getting scans done at specialist film labs as I gain more experience. Thanks for the response.


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