A Good Case for Dropbox Camera Upload

I’ll start this post off with a little context. My parents recently purchased their first smartphone, the LG Optimus G — a big leap in technology from the clamshell phone they previously owned. We’re talking a sub 2-inch screen device running some unknown operating system to a 4.7-inch touchscreen device running Android. The camera was one of the first things they learned to use and they’ve been taking photos ever since. As the IT guy in the family, I’ve been thinking of ways to backup their photos in case they lose or damage their phone. Even though I don’t use the Dropbox Camera Upload feature myself, I realized it’s a great solution for my parents. It’s something that I can set and forget,  and it doesn’t require them to do anything.

With Camera Upload, the photos and videos you take with your camera, phone, or tablet will upload automatically to Dropbox—meaning they’ll be safely backed up and viewable anywhere.

The Camera Upload feature tries to be smart about importing photos and videos. It will pick up wherever it left off, uploading only photos and videos that it has not uploaded to the Camera Uploads folder before.

(Source: Dropbox Help Center)

After downloading the Dropbox app from the Google Play Store and signing in with the credentials I created for them, I simply configured the Camera Upload feature to upload when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Dropbox also gives each of them an additional 3 GB of storage for using the feature; that brings their total cloud storage to 5 GB.


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