Do Less: A Short Guide

A little inspiration or source for contemplation to begin this week and before we step into the new year. Here’s an excerpt from ‘Do Less: A Short Guide’ — #1 on Leo’s list of favorite Zen Habits posts for 2013.

I could probably write an entire book on the benefits of doing less, but here’s the short version:

  1. You accomplish more. No, you don’t get more done (you’re doing less, after all), but if you do less and focus on the important stuff, you actually achieve better results, more meaningful accomplishments. This is how I’m able to work less but still write hundreds of posts a year (on various sites), create ebooks and courses, and more.
  2. You have less anxiety. When you let go of the distractions and the non-essential, you free yourself from the fear that you need to do these things. You learn that your world doesn’t fall apart when you let these things go.
  3. You enjoy life more. Taking time to really focus on an important task, or enjoy the little things, rather than rushing through them, is much more enjoyable.
  4. You create time. When you do less, all of a sudden you have free time! What can you do with all that time? How about spend some time with loved ones, read, write, make music, exercise, cook healthy meals, start your own business, meditate, do yoga?

I’ll stop with those benefits — they’re sufficient for getting started. But I think you’ll discover others as you give this a try.(Source: zenhabits)


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