Sample RAW Files from a Lumia 1020

It’s been a while since Nokia’s release of sample RAW files from a Lumia 1020, the smartphone with a whopping 41-megapixel camera. The files were released in late October 2013 so they’re pretty much old news now. But, with Adobe’s recent leak of Lightroom for iPad, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to finally publish this post that’s been sitting in my list of drafts. The capability of shooting in RAW has been restricted to most DSLRs and some point-and-shoots for the most part. This year, I’m sure we’ll see more smartphones with this capability.

For those of you unfamiliar with RAW files, they are to digital photography what undeveloped film is to traditional/analog photography — a digital negative. Unlike a JPEG, which is essentially the camera doing the post-processing for you, RAW files allow you to process photos your way. Feel free to comment if you have any experience developing film and any techniques you may have used, I’d like to know.

Below, I’ve taken one of the samples, reduced the highlights, brought back some detail in the shadows, added some saturation, increased the sharpness, and reduced the noise.

Edited with Lightroom 4
Edited with Lightroom 4

If you’d like to experiment with the files,  grab them here. You can edit RAW files with free software like Picasa.


3 thoughts on “Sample RAW Files from a Lumia 1020

    1. I have to withhold judgement on the 1020 since I’ve never used one. Instead, you should check out the reviews over at Engadget and The Verge. I’m really enthusiastic about the camera though and would have considered it if it weren’t exclusive to AT&T.

      Not sure if you saw my response on the same day, but I realized I didn’t have nested comments enabled so I’m reposting to make sure. Good luck with your choice.


      1. Thanks a lot Andre for your reply. I am checking it now on the sites provided. It is not an easy decision though as it is really expensive compared to other phones. Thanks.


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