Automate Tasks with IFTTT

Automation is the key to success, so if you can find ways to automate tasks in your job that you do repeatedly—you can make your day much more efficient and save time.

– Ryan Dube (makeuseof)

IFTTT — the acronym stands for “IF This Then That”. It’s a conditional statement programmers are very familiar with, but it’s common in life as well.  I make choices based on certain scenarios throughout any given day. For example: if I wake up early, then I’ll eat breakfast.

I discovered IFTTT while watching Ari’s presentation, The Art of Less Doing, on creativeLIVE. In my reflection of his presentation, I compared life to a computer program, where we’re constantly changing/adding code to make it more efficient. In this way, using a service like IFTTT is like writing some code that’ll run in the background. Once I add it to the program, I no longer have to manually do the task myself.

In short, IFTTT allows you to automate some really cool things like backing up photos or sending text messages based on your location. If you’re interested in incorporating this service into your life, go ahead and check out their About page for the full explanation. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing some of my recipes soon.

Update: I’ll add recipes to the list below as I share and explain them in future posts.



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