Film Rekindled

Men might think about sex every seven seconds, but I think about project titles. There is no greater pleasure than lying on the couch, closing my eyes, and daydreaming about the perfect title.

– Alec Soth

I came across this quote in a post titled ’14 Lessons Alec Soth Has Taught Me About Street Photography’ on Eric Kim’s blog. It’s inspired me to relaunch my very own project, Film, that I began earlier this year.

Film Rekindled.

That’s it. It still may not be the best title, but it certainly has more meaning and sentiment. I think I’ve mentioned it before, I decided to start this journey with film when I found the long-lost camera that my dad had used when I was a kid. The camera  has revived this medium of photography for me.

I’m really excited to share photos and insights from my third roll. In the meantime, check out the first and second!


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