The Making of a Minimalist Desk

This was my first attempt at any sort of carpentry. It was inspired by Maggi’s DIY minimalist oak desk  on Design Sponge and motivated by my girlfriend’s need for a desk. It just so happens that Valentine’s Day was near when I made it, so I killed two birds with one stone! I did my best to photograph the project from beginning to end. Read on after the gallery for my thoughts on each stage.


I purchased everything, aside from the paint and wood screws, at The Home Depot. Since the main requirement was for the desk to be white, I decided to go with a white 8-ft thermally-infused melamine board. The exact measurements were 3/4 in. x 16 in. x 97 in. I asked one of the employees to cut two 3.5-ft pieces from the board and to split the remaining 13 inches in half. The shelf bracket and screws were conveniently located at the end of the aisle. The total was just under $60.


I’d say this was the most difficult and time-consuming part. But it’s also the part I enjoyed the most, specifically making the measurements and marking where the screws are going to go. After all marks were made, I drilled guide holes and connected the boards.


I had to make a second trip to The Home Depot to pick up the 4-inch roller. I intended to use just the brush at first but realized the desk probably wouldn’t look good if I’d only painted over the screws. It still wasn’t so bad, one layer of paint was all I needed.


For around $80, if you factor in the cost of paint, this was a relatively simple build. I don’t partake in carpentry often, but I sure wouldn’t mind doing it again. It turned out to be a meditative and relaxing process.


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