Photo Stores Keeping Up with the Times

In this article from PetaPixel, two successful brick-and-mortar photo store owners talk about the industry and what they’ve done to keep up with the changes in technology. As a consumer, I agree with most of what they’ve said, especially this:

The store basically became a showroom for buying on Amazon. You can’t fight that, people coming in with their smartphones and checking prices. You can educate yourself and stay one step ahead, but you can’t really change that fact.

– Anthony Brooks

I think many savvy shoppers can relate to this. The photo store I visited a few weeks ago is also making this transition from selling gear to selling services. It’s safe to say that there are better results when the focus is on services. For me, this is apparent between my second and third rolls of film which I got developed at Walgreens and Moldaner’s, respectively. Of course, the results from the latter came out much better and that’s enough to keep me coming back. As a newfound film enthusiast, it’s good to see these success stories.


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