A Haiku for National Poetry Month

I dusted off my poetry hat to celebrate National Poetry month after hearing about it on NPR’s Tell Me More.

This poem addresses the current state of photography for me. I’m a firm believer in action over inaction. Little things can add up to become big things. This concept is becoming more apparent in all aspects of life. So pick up your camera and create something.  All the photos have been taken already, so it really is vital to develop your voice, to see it in your own way. It can be beauty itself or the definition of success or simply a composition.


2 thoughts on “A Haiku for National Poetry Month

  1. Here’s a little haiku collection that has nothing to do with photography, so feel free to block it from the blog (but I hope you’ll enjoy reading it, anyway, if you like haiku).



    night moon, sage and witch,
    drops, ghost against the window
    dark eye to sunrise


    wool socks, oatmeal stout
    path of clear ice, white snow turns
    on a warm red cheek


    thousand year dreams turn
    empty space, blood, bone, hunger,
    snow was in your hair


    ghost, a silver knife
    slips through firth and peat and stone:
    your heart beats again

    fine passage

    mountain lantern light
    breaking through bamboo and ice
    a thousand angels


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