Film Rekindled: 8 Months In

I’ve been reading quite a bit on other photographers’ opinions on shooting with film. Some tidbits have been inspirational while others have made me contemplate my reason. More often than not, I’ll agree with their ideas.

There’s definitely a balance between discovering my own motivations while possibly being subconsciously influenced by others’.

Things I enjoy right now:

  • Seeing how certain films look. I’m currently using Fuji Superia 400 for the most part. There’s plenty of presets out there that allow digital photos to imitate the look of any film. I’d like to be able to tell the difference, if any, myself. Right now, I can’t say that a photo looks like it was shot with Fuji Superia, Kodak Portra, etc. Although I can search Flickr or another photo sharing site and probably find lots of examples, I’ll learn more in terms of how a film performs under situations and with subjects I’m familiar with.
  • There’s a tangible cost to each shot that forces me to be more aware before pressing the shutter.
  • The above reason is not really something I enjoy, but, if it weren’t for the cost, I’d have a different mindset. So this leads to the pursuit of getting things right in-camera. Albeit, there’s only so much I can get “right”.  For example, right for studio work (something I haven’t done) is certainly different from right for everyday photography — mainly because a shot can be repeated until the desired result is achieved for the former case. This is one of the main reasons I’ll post a photo as-is, except for dust removal if it’s necessary. I want to see changes over time. Factors of composition that I’m looking to get better at: lining up horizontal and vertical lines and excluding things that take away from the compositional strength of a photo.
  • The time between taking a photo and seeing the result is pretty long. I feel that my objectivity correlates with that length of time. The longer the wait, the less I’m attached to the images. This helps when it comes to editing (choosing which photos are strong/weak).

I think that’s it for now. I’m currently going through another 4-pack of Superia 400.  Another highlights post should be up soon!

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