On Balance

Between shooting with film and digital.
Between too much post-processing and too little.
Between sharing all your photos and only those you deem worthy.
Between subjective and objective considerations of what is worthy.
Between buying gear and using what you have.
Between writing with a stream of consciousness and censorship.
Between too basic and too technical.
Between narrowing and widening your scope.
Between self-doubt and self-confidence.
Between knowing that you’re blazing your own path and being subconsciously influenced by others.
Between timeĀ spent in the echo chamber and time spent finding other perspectives.
Between name-dropping and giving credit where it’s due.
Between seeking views that you agree and disagree with.
Between following your own path and the conventional one.
Between procrastination and taking action even when there is uncertainty.
Between making choices for the present and the future.

Things to ponder. I tried to take a bottom-up approach and keep it related to photography and the creative process in general. There are always trade-offs. Find the balance that’s right for you.


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