iPhoneography Insights: Brick Road

For this post, I decided to give a little more detail than the previous ones in this project. Most of the time, I don’t know beforehand whether or not I want to write a post about the post-processing of a certain photo.

But, if I’m able to decide before or while I’m editing, it’s easy for me to get some screenshots and upload it to my OneDrive for this.

Here’s the original photo of a hallway at my local library.

I purposefully composed to have the lines of the brick wall meet the two corners because I’d imagined a brick road. Not yellow bricks, but it’ll do. First, I opened the image in SKRWT where I did most of the transformation.

Using the ratio tool, I compressed the image horizontally so both corners of the brick wall would still be in the square crop. This tool does a good job of compressing images in order to fit things in a different aspect ratio.

After exporting from SKRWT (image on the left), I used the heal tool in Pixlr to remove a lot of the distractions on the right side of the brick road. To finish it off, I applied a black and white preset from my favorite and most-used app (in 2014 at least), VSCO Cam. I think the black and white really brings focus to the window light and makes the result more surreal.

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