Day 2: Tell us about something that’s important to you

Being a lifelong learner.

And I’ll continue to learn to:

  • Love
  • Create
  • Photograph
  • Speak
  • Listen
  • Question
  • Inspire
  • Persevere

For me, being a lifelong learner is my acknowledging that I’ll never know everything. This has helped me tremendously when it comes to starting something.

For you, it could mean:

  • Starting a blog before you know what good copy is or even what it’s going to be about.
  • Taking photographs before you know what kind of photographer you want to be.

These are things I’ve wrestled with when I first started.

By accepting the certainty of uncertainty, I’ve found it easier to ignore the inner critic, the Censor.

But it’s no surprise that it’s still around and will be for the long run.

If I’m going to learn one thing, I hope that it’s perseverance. Because that’s what’s going to keep me going.

That’s what’s going to allow me to continue shipping.


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