Day 4: Teach us something that you do well

I ship. No matter what.

It may be a blessing, or a curse.
But I do it, for better or worse.

And, hey, I rhyme too. 😉

I say it’s a blessing or curse because it really can be both.

When I’m confronted with doubts about whether or not I should even be doing this or if I have anything more to add to the world. I quickly parry them. That’s a blessing. Like a muscle, the ability to ignore the inner critic should be trained on a regular basis.

On the flip side, I often think that I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be, or doing too many things at once. This could be a curse if I don’t balance my efforts and focus on what’s important.

So to teach you how to ship no matter what, I have three suggestions:

  1. Get out of your way. This goes back to the doubts I mentioned above. Know that they will come, and they will go. But you must persevere and have faith in yourself. Who else is going to truly root for you? It starts with you.
  2. Schedule it. We’ve all heard it before, waiting for inspiration to strike. The thing about waiting for inspiration is that it may not show up on some days. You know, the days where you’re too lazy and simply say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Here’s the secret: If you schedule a time to do whatever it is you do, you’ll see that inspiration follows the leader.
  3. Knock it out first. I used to say I wasn’t a morning person, but there’s just something special about it. Start early and do what you love first.

Let’s get to it.


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