Day 6: Tell us about a time when you surprised yourself

It was when I was graduating from elementary school. I had earned the honor of Valedictorian.

Later, I found out that I would have to write a speech to deliver at the graduation ceremony. I remember my parents helping me as best they could even though they weren’t fluent in English.

When the day arrived, I don’t remember being too nervous. But, upon entering the auditorium, that had changed.

The butterflies started to build up. I began to tremble. And the anxiety level rose.

Of course, there was no turning back.

So when it was my turn, I got up and delivered my speech. After starting off with a quick and nervous pace, I eventually slowed down and even looked up at the audience from time to time.

At the end of the ceremony, I walked out the building with a smile on my face while shaking numerous hands.

On that day, I surprised myself. I shipped.


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Tell us about a time when you surprised yourself

  1. Nice! This has been on my mind a lot lately — the fear of doing something you know you should. It’s pushing past that fear that separates greatness from mediocrity. It’s interesting too, because the fear is usually short-lived. Once you do what you’re scared of, you’re not nearly afraid of doing it the second time.

    Good post, and mad props to little Andre for shipping the speech. Hope you did a mic drop at the end. 😉


    1. The fear will always remain but, as we push past it and do what we say we’re going to do, we build that trust and confidence with ourselves. And that’s vital.

      Unfortunately, there was no mic drop. It was attached to the podium. Lol. Thanks Kevin.


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