Day 7: What are you taking with you from this challenge?

It’s been a fun and busy week.

Between work, this challenge, and other projects, I honestly didn’t have much time to read that many posts from fellow shippers. However, I did set aside some time to read posts from my accountability partner.

Virtual fist bump to Kevin over at People Passionate.

Honestly, knowing that one person was watching and reading (for this challenge at least) was quite a motivator.

Is this the end? No.

This week, I’ll spend some time sifting through the sea of Your Turn Challenge posts. I’ll share a favorite for each respective day on Twitter. And on Day 7, I’ll do a roundup post with a short paragraph about why each post resonated with me. This is inspired by a hashtag I saw called #PromoteTheirTurn.

So, to summarize what I’m taking with me.

I’m taking more comrades in the arena.

I’m taking a healthy dose of inspiration.

I’m taking more proof to myself, as well as the confidence, that I can ship.


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