iPhoneography Insights: Line Break

Whenever I do a colorsplash, or selective coloring, it most often involves a car and its tail lights.

They’re fun to make stand out. Plus, I love red. But this time around, yellow caught my eye. I’ll show you how I used VSCO Cam and Pixlr to create the Line Break.

Straight out of the camera.

Pixlr is usually step one when I’m doing a colorsplash. The feature inside the app is actually called just that, Splash. Sometimes the app will be able to do most of the work for you (i.e. you select a yellow spot and everything that’s not yellow becomes monochrome). Other times, you’ll have to use brush and erase to make your selection because the app can’t distinguish correctly.

To finish it off, I picked a preset from VSCO Cam that added more contrast and mood. It was one from the “Street Etiquette” pack if I remember correctly.

View the apps in iTunes:

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